This UNCLASSIFIED site is intended for civilian and military instructors teaching unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency, or general irregular warfare courses and using the Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Volume I: 1927–1962 and Volume II: 1962–2009, and supporting texts in coursework. Each Casebook summarizes twenty-three revolutions. Some of these revolutions have ended or are in decline, while others are still active or approaching a resurgence. The goal of the case studies is to develop and illustrate a common understanding of insurgency and revolution, forming a body of knowledge that will allow users to distill vast amounts of material from a wide array of campaigns and extract relevant lessons.
The site is organized in tabs:
  • The forty-six cases are organized by revolution type, region, and decade under Case Studies.
  • Instructional Material includes discussion questions, classroom activities, and assignments.
  • Additional Resources lists a wealth of other relevant related texts and resources.

Available and upcoming ARIS products include:

  • Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Vol. I: 1927–1962
  • Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare,Vol. II: 1962–2009
  • Irregular Warfare Annotated Bibliography
  • Human Factors Considerations of Underground in Insurgencies
  • Undergrounds in Insurgent, Revolutionary and Resistance Warfare
  • The Legal Status of Personnel in Resistance
  • Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare—Colombia (1964–2009)
  • Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare—Sri Lanka (1976–2009)

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