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The 12th Rethinking Seminar Series focused on Rethinking Global Security Challenges and Opportunities. Topics examined this year included:

  • U.S. core vs. non-core interests;
  • Potential threats, adversaries, and strategies the U.S. and its allies should consider over the next few decades;
  • Strategic security advantages that the U.S. enjoys such as a resurgence of its energy supply, a return of manufacturing, its ability to innovate, its economic prowess, its partnerships and alliances, and the impact that these advantages might have on global security;
  • The post WWII international order, U.S. leadership, international organizations, multilateralism, and regional multilateralism;
  • The economic, trade and security relationships between the U.S., EU, Eurasia, and East Asia;
  • The contested geographic areas of East Asia, Eurasia, and the Mid-East;
  • The contested domains of space, cyber, and the electromagnetic spectrum; and
  • Where, when, why, and how should the U.S. engage globally.

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