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Tuesday, December 19th

Mr. Dean Cheng
The Heritage Foundation

Cyber Dragon - Inside China's Information Warfare and Cyber Operations

Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City (6:00 – 8:00 PM)

Dean Cheng is The Heritage Foundation's Research Fellow for Chinese political and security affairs. He specializes in China's military and foreign policy, in particular its relationship with the rest of Asia and the United States.  Mr. Cheng has written extensively on China's military doctrine, technological implications of its space program, and "dual use" concerns associated with its industrial and scientific infrastructure.

Previously, Mr. Cheng worked as a senior analyst, first with Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) and then with the China Studies Division of the Center for Naval Analyses.  He also studied China's defense-industrial complex for the Office of Technology Assessment as an analyst in the International Security and Space Program.

Mr. Cheng has appeared on public affairs shows such as John McLaughlin's One on One, and on NPR, CNN International, BBC World Service, and International Television News (ITN). He has been interviewed by or provided commentary for publications such as Time magazine, The Washington Post, Financial Times, Bloomberg News, Jane's Defense Weekly, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo, and Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

For the Rethinking Seminar, Mr. Cheng will discuss: 

  • China’s history and what drives it,

  • China’s ambitions, goals, and grand strategy (including its relation with N. Korea),

  • China’s priorities for its technology and military investments, and

  • The role of information warfare and, specifically, what China is doing in cyber.

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