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Now in its 13th year, the JHU/APL Rethinking Seminar Series is once again offering informative talks on national security and defense issues given by distinguished speakers who are experts in various fields of national or international affairs. These seminars are held approximately one evening a month near the Pentagon.  Free and open to the public, the Rethinking Seminars provide in-depth, professional views on important topics. Each event will also be recorded and made available on this website in various formats.  The 2016-2017 Rethinking Seminar Series will focus on Rethinking Global Security Imperatives in a Time of Transition.

Besides streaming videos, this website also archives audio versions of each event, plus podcasts, bulletized notes taken during the talks, and any presentation files the speakers provide. Files from the 2016-2017 Series are offered in the Video Archives while those from past series are listed on both the Past Series and Speakers pages. Videos from recent years’ series are also available on the JHU/APL Seminars YouTube Playlist – Rethinking Seminar Series.

Tuesday, March 14th  
Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City (6:00 – 8:00 PM)

Mr. Philip Stephens
The Financial Times

Rethinking Challenges to the Current Global System

Philip Stephens is a commentator and author. He is associate editor of the Financial Times where as chief political commentator he writes twice-weekly columns on global and British affairs. One of his recent columns was entitled “What the world hears from President Trump.” He joined the Financial Times in 1983 after working as a correspondent for Reuters in Brussels and has been the FT’s Economics Editor, Political Editor, and Editor of the UK edition.

For the Rethinking Seminar Mr. Stevens will discuss challenges to the current global system and the development of alternative international institutions and rule sets.  The talk will cover subjects such as  the rise of China, a resurgent Russia, the rise of extremist organizations, the rise of populism and nationalism, whether the U.S. and the EU will become isolationist, and challenges to the current global system that could lead to strife or conflict.


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February 6, 2017
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