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Now in its 13th year, the JHU/APL Rethinking Seminar Series is once again offering informative talks on national security and defense issues given by distinguished speakers who are experts in various fields of national or international affairs. These seminars are held approximately one evening a month near the Pentagon.  Free and open to the public, the Rethinking Seminars provide in-depth, professional views on important topics. Each event will also be recorded and made available on this website in various formats.  The 2016-2017 Rethinking Seminar Series will focus on Rethinking Global Security Imperatives in a Time of Transition.

Besides streaming videos, this website also archives audio versions of each event, plus podcasts, bulletized notes taken during the talks, and any presentation files the speakers provide. Files from the 2016-2017 Series are offered in the Video Archives while those from past series are listed on both the Past Series and Speakers pages. Videos from recent years’ series are also available on the JHU/APL Seminars YouTube Playlist – Rethinking Seminar Series.



Wednesday, October 19th
Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City (6:00-8:00 PM)

Dr. Stephen Van Evera

Ford International Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Emergence (or Reemergence) of National and
Transnational Identities

Dr. Stephen Van Evera is the Ford International Professor in the MIT Political Science Department. Professor Van Evera works in several areas of international relations including the causes and prevention of war, U.S. foreign policy, U.S. security policy, U.S. intervention in the Third World, international relations of the Middle East, and international relations theory. He has published books on the causes of war and on social science methodology, and articles on American foreign policy, American defense policy, nationalism and the causes of war, the origins of World War I, and U.S. strategy in the War on Terror. He currently serves as chair of the Tobin Project Committee on National Security.

For the Rethinking Seminar Professor Van Evera will discuss topics including:

  • Exploring the emergence (or reemergence) of national and transnational identities as a significant driver of future strife, conflict and war;
  • Examining and describing future trends in nationalism and transnationalism including the ability of extremist ideologies to mobilize populations in order to pursue expansive transnational interests and take aggressive action; and
  • The history and potential rise of extremist ideologies.


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7 September 2016
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