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For the 12th consecutive year JHU/APL will be holding its well-received Rethinking Seminar Series. As in the past eleven years, JHU/APL will continue to organize and sponsor this series of seminars on national security and foreign relations topics. These free evening events, held near the Pentagon, will bring together distinguished speakers and those interested in exploring important issues. The seminars are open to the public with videos and related materials later posted to this website.

The 12th Rethinking Seminar Series is focusing on Rethinking Global Security Challenges and Opportunities. Topics to be examined this year will include:

  • U.S. core vs. non-core interests;
  • Potential threats, adversaries, and strategies the U.S. and its allies should consider over the next few decades;
  • Strategic security advantages that the U.S. enjoys such as a resurgence of its energy supply, a return of manufacturing, its ability to innovate, its economic prowess, its partnerships and alliances, and the impact that these advantages might have on global security;
  • The post WWII international order, U.S. leadership, international organizations, multilateralism, and regional multilateralism;
  • The economic, trade and security relationships between the U.S., EU, Eurasia, and East Asia;
  • The contested geographic areas of East Asia, Eurasia, and the Mid-East;
  • The contested domains of space, cyber, and the electromagnetic spectrum; and
  • Where, when, and how should the U.S. engage globally.

The first seminar will be held in late September or early October.  Those on the contact list will be notified once details are confirmed.


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Dr. Ian Kearns
20 May 2015
Perspectives on the State of the European Security Environment

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