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Thursday, February 18th
Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City (6:00-8:00 PM)
Colonel Michael H. Brown, USMC (ret)
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 

Rethinking Cyber Warfare 

For the Rethinking Seminar, Colonel Brown will address the concept of cyber warfare and discuss topics including:

     •  A history of some of the major cyber warfare incidents that have already occurred;
     •  Efforts to define what constitutes a cyber crime vs. espionage vs. war;
     •  Current and future cyber threats to U.S. interests as well as potential solutions; and
     •  Where, when, why, and how the U.S. should deal with the range of cyber threats, including
        DoD cyber support to U.S. industry and critical infrastructure.

Colonel Brown is now a member of the Asymmetric Operations Sector of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He came to the Lab after a career in the Marine Corps retiring after serving as the Operations Officer for Marine Forces Cyberspace Command. Previously, he served as the Commander, Headquarters Battalion 2d Marine Division and as a planner for the US Special Operations Command.

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