Rethinking Seminar Series Past Series

Materials from all Rethinking Seminar Series are still available on line.  Clicking on the series title will take you to the page listing available materials for that year.  Seminars marked with an asterix (2004-05*) were not videotaped.  However, bullteted notes and available presentation files can be found in the Archives.

Rethinking Future Environments and Strategic Challenges (2017-2018)

Mr. Max Boot The Council on Foreign Relations The Road Not Taken - Edward Lansdale & the American Tragedy
in Vietnam - Lessons for Today's & Tomorrow's Conflicts
Mr. Dean Cheng The Heritage Foundation Cyber Dragon – Inside China’s Information Warfare and Cyber Operations
Amb. (rt) Joseph M. DeThomas Pennsylvania State University Rethinking North Korea Policy Options
Dr. Karen J. Greenberg Fordham University School of Law The Strategic Threat of Terrorism
Dr. T. X. Hammes National Defense University The 4th Industrial Revolution, De-Globalization, and its Effect on International Security
General (rt) Michael Hayden Former Director, CIA & NSA Future Environments and Strategic Challenges to the U.S., Her Partners and Allies
Dr. Robert Legvold  Columbia University  Russia: The Foe We Only Half Know  
Dr. Kenneth Pollack  American Enterprise Institute  Rethinking and Assessing Middle East Options 
Mr. Robert O. Work Former Deputy Secretary of Defense  Future Security Challenges and Potential U.S. Responses

Rethinking Global Security Imperatives in a Time of Transition (2016-2017)

Mr. John J. Mulligan National Counterterrorism Center Rethinking Terrorism: Past, Present, & Future
Dr. Steven Van Evera MIT Political Science Department Emergence (or Reemergence) of National & Transnational Identities
Prof. Rosa Brooks Georgetown University Law Center The Blurring Definitions of War
Prof. Andrew Natsios Scowcroft Inst of Int'l Affairs, Texas A&M Rethinking Foreign Aid & International Development
Mr. Gordon Chang Author and Columnist Rethinking China's Economic & Military Rise
Mr. Peter Wilson RAND Corporation Subversive & Disruptive Challenges to U.S. Alliances & Partnerships
Mr. James N. Miller Former Under SecDef for Policy Rethinking the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
Mr. Philip Stephens The Financial Times Rethinking Challenges to the Current Global System
Mr. Max Bergmann Center for American Progress Russian Active Measure & Influence Campaigns, & Potential U.S. Responses

Rethinking Global Security Challenges and Opportunities (2015-2016)

 Dr. David M. Lampton Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies Rethinking the Future of US / China Relations
Mr. Thomas Wright  Brookings Institution World Disorder and the Future of U.S. Strategy
Dr. Stephen D. Biddle Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University U.S. Strategy for Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic State
Dr. David E. Johnson RAND Corporation Challenges of the "Now" and Their Implications for the Future U.S. Army
Colonel Michael H. Brown, USMC (ret) Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Rethinking Cyber Warfare
Ambassador John R. Bolton

American Enterprise Institute

Rethinking Current and Future Threats and Responses
The Honorable Dr. John Hillen George Mason University School of Business Rethinking America's Strategic Position and Prospects
Mr. Walter Russell Mead The American Interest Online Rethinking the Development of the Liberal, Capitalist World Order 

Rethinking Global Security Constructs, Threats and Potential Responses (2014-2015)

Dr. Ian Kearns            European Leadership Network Perspectives on the State of the European Security Environment           
Colonel Troy Thomas            National Security Council 2015 National Security Strategy: Process, Principles, and Priorities 
Ms. Christine Fox            Former Acting Dep SecDef Sustaining Our Technological Edge - Facing Up to the Challenges
Mr. William Braniff            University of Maryland Understanding ISIS and Al-Qaeda and Potential Ways to Deal with the Two Threats           
Mr. Robert D. Kaplan            Center for a New American Security Chinese Views, Strategy and Geopolitics           
Mr. Edward Chow            Energy & National Security Program, CSIS            Rethinking Energy and National Security
AMB Robert Gallucci            Georgetown University The Impact & Implications of Iranian Nuclear Weapons on U.S. & Regional Security           
Dr. Bruce Jones            Brookings Senior Fellow U.S. Leadership, Strategy and Preventing/Containing Future Conflicts
GEN Michael Hayden, USAF (ret)            Former Director CIA & NSA Rethinking Potential Threats, Adversaries, and U.S. Security Strategy

Rethinking U.S. Enduring Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities (2013-2014)

 Professor Paul Goble
Institute of World Politics
Russia: History, Current Challenges, and Future Ambitions
 ADM James Stavridis, USAF (ret)
The Fletcher School, Tufts Univ
Current National Security Challenges & Opportunities
 Prof Bruce Hoffman
Georgetown University
State of Global Terrorism: Potential US Counter-terrorism Policy/Strategy
 Prof Gordon Adams
Stimson Center
Strategic Agility Report Recommendations
 Dr. David F. Gordon
The Eurasia Group
Risks and Relationships in the Asia Pacific Region
Mr. Jason Healey
The Atlantic Council
National and Cyber Security Policies
Mr. Shawn Brimley
Ctr for a New American Security
Game Changers: Disruptive Technology and U.S. Defense Strategy
Dr. Keith Payne
National Institute for Public Policy
Minimum Nuclear Deterrence
 Mr. Norman R. Augustine
Fmr CEO, Lockheed Martin
Science, Technology and Threats to the U.S.

Rethinking U.S. National Security Imperatives in a Time of Transition (2012-2013)

Lieutenant General Michael D. Barbero, USA Director, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization The Problem of IEDs – Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Stephen Brooks Dartmouth College Don’t Come Home, America - The Case against Retrenchment
Ms. Robin Wright Wilson Center and U.S. Institute of Peace The Arab Spring, Where Is It Likely Headed, and Implications for U.S. National Security
Mr. Max Boot Council on Foreign Relations Guerrilla Warfare / Insurgencies –
Preparing the U.S. for the Future
Dr. Matthew Burrows The National Intelligence Council (NIC) Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds
Dr. John Mearsheimer University of Chicago Can China Rise Peacefully? How Should the U.S. Respond?
Captain Robert "Barney" Rubel, USN (ret)   Past U.S. Military Experimentation and Transitions in a Time of Limited Budgets, Evolving Threats, Rising Powers, and Rapidly Advancing Technologies; and How Previous Lessons Learned May Apply to the Future
Dr. Michael O’Hanlon Brookings Institution Foreign Policy and National Security Policy Strategies of the Presidential Candidates
Dr. Steven David Johns Hopkins University Apocalypse Now?: Iran's Nuclear Threat to Israel
and What Can Be Done about It

Rethinking National Security in an Era of Declining Budgets (2011-2012)

GEN James E. Cartwright, USMC (ret) Former VC, Joint Chiefs of Staff The Future DoD Budget/Trades That Could be Made
Mr. Ajay Patel & RADM (ret) Ben Wachendorf Monitor National Security Anticipated Budget Cuts: Long-Term Outlook
Dr. David Lai US Army War College Potential Future US-China Relations
Dr. Mary Habeck JHU, SAIS Future of Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism w/Limited Budgets
Dr. Mark Lowenthal Pres, Intelligence & Security Academy Declining National Security Spending - Implications for Intel
Dr. Lani Kass Former Sr. Advisor to CJCS DoD Budget Cutbacks and the New Strategic Guidance
Mr. Max Boot Editor and Author National Security in an Age of Austerity
Dr. Gordon Adams Stimson Center DoD Build Down in an Era of Declining Budgets
Dr. Michael O’Hanlon Brookings Institute U.S. Involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

Rethinking the Future International Security Environment (2010-2011)

Hon. Michèle Flournoy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy DoD in the Future Security Environment
Mr. Vitaliy N. Katsenelson Investment Management Associates China and the Global Economy
Dr. Martin Libicki RAND Cyber-Security and Cyber-Deterrence
GEN Michael Hayden Frmr Dir, CIA & NSA Future of National Security
Mr. James Rickards Omnis Economics and National Security
Dr. Geoffrey Kemp Nixon Center Rethinking Future US Involvement, MidEast

Rethinking US Grand Strategy and Foreign Policy (2009-2010)

Dr. Daniel Goure Lexington Institute Nuclear Weapons in US-Russia-China Relationship
Dr. Andrew Kuchins Center for Strategic & International Studies Future of Russia & US-Russian Relationship
Dr. Ashley J. Tellis Carnegie Endowment for International Peace US-China Relationship
Dr. Graham Allison Belfer Center, Harvard US National Interests
Dr. William Wohlforth Dartmouth Unipolar to a Multipolar World
Mr. Walter Russell Mead Council on Foreign Relations US Grand Strategy

Rethinking the Foundations of the National Security Strategy & QDR (2008-2009)

Dr. Barry Posen Dir, Security Studies, MIT US Grand Strategy
Dr. Stephen Walt John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard US Foreign Policy & US Power
Dr. Andrew Krepinevich Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments 21st Century Force Posture
Dr. Lewis A. Dunn VP, Science Applications International Corporation 21st Century Nuclear Deterrence
Dr. Geoffrey Dabelko Woodrow Wilson Center Director, Environmental Change and Security Program Climate Change & National Security
Mr. James R. Gosler Fellow, Sandia National Laboratory Cyber Threats
Dr. George Friedman Chief Executive Officer, Stratfor The Geopolitical Environment of the 21st Century
Mr. Paul Goble Professor, Institute of World Politics The Russian Federation and Implications for US National Security
Mr. James G. Rickards Sr. Managing Director, Market Intelligence, Omnis Financial Threats to National Security
Dr. Robert Art Professor of International Relations, Brandeis University America’s National Interests & Grand Strategy
Mr. Robert Work Vice President, Strategic Studies Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments The Next QDR (Quadrennial Defense Review)

Rethinking Future Elements of National & International Power (2007-2008)

Mr. Andrew S. Natsios Georgetown University USAID and National Power
Mr. John McLaughlin JHU, SAIS Future Challenges for American Intelligence
Dr. James L. Narel POPP, George Mason University NGOs and their Relationships
Mr. David F. Davis POPP, George Mason University UN -- Past, Present, and Future
Dr. E. Sherwood-Randall CISAC, Stanford University NATO Alliance: Current Issues & Future Challenges
Mr. Michael L. Smith State Department Peace and Stability Operations
Dr. Keith Payne National Institute for Public Policy The Future Of Deterrence And Dissuasion
MS Michèle Flournoy Center for a New American Security Changing the Interagency
Mr. Joe Purser USJFCOM, Deep Futures Joint Operational Environment
Mr. John Rendon CEO Rendon Group Strategic Communications
Dr. Nate Lewis CALTECH Powering the Planet
Dr. Mary Habeck JHU, SAIS Understanding Jihadist Ideology

Rethinking the Relation Between Economics, Resources, Technology & National and International Security (2006-2007)

Mr. Walter Russell Mead Council on Foreign Relations 400 Years of a Great Power System
Dr. David Lampton Dir, China Studies, Nixon Center China and Its Power
Mr. Stephen Carmel Sr VP, Maersk Line, Limited Globalization and Transportation
Dr. George Friedman CEO, STRATFOR Global Geopolitical Future Issues
Dr. Robert Legvold Columbia Univ Russia, Energy, Foreign Policy
Dr. Richard Cooper Harvard University Economics and National Security
Dr. Benjamin Friedman Author Consequences of Economic Growth
Dr. Barry Posen Dir, Security Studies, MIT Drivers of Grand Strategy
Dr. Richard Lindzen Professor of Meteorology, MIT Questioning Global Warming Theories
Dr. Adam Segal Council on Foreign Relations Challenges of Globalization
Dr. Tara O'Toole Center for Biosecurity, Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Ctr Biosecurity Issues
Mr. Joshua Kurlantzick Author Crude Awakening: The Coming Resource War
Amb Robert Gallucci Georgetown University Nuclear Security Issues

Rethinking the Future Nature of Competitions & Conflict (2005-2006)

Mr. Max Boot Author War Made New: Technology, Warfare, &  History
Dr. Marc Sageman Author Global Salafi Terrorist Networks
LTC John Nagl Author Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons
Mr. F. Verrastro & Mr. A. Hegburg CSIS Energy Program CSIS Energy Program
Professor Haim Harari Author A View from the Eye of the Storm
Mr. Christopher Coker Author The Future of War
Dr. Stephen Biddle Council on Foreign Relations Seeing Baghdad, Thinking Saigon
Dr. Robert Pape Author Dying to Win: Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Mr. Peter Schwartz Author Inevitable Surprises
Dr. Amory Lovins Author Winning the Oil Endgame & Natural Capitalism
Mr. Nathaniel Fick Author Making of a Marine Corps Officer
MS Theresa Whelan Dep Asst SecDef for African Affairs Africa's Ungoverned Space: New Threat Paradigm
BG Victor N. Corpus Armed Forces of Philippines ret American Crossroads: options for US
Dr. Thomas Barnett Author Pentagon's New Map / Blueprint for Action
Mr. Robert Kaplan Atlantic Monthly How Competition & Conflict Are Changing

Rethinking the Principles of War (2004-2005) *

Dr. John Alexander Author Future Conflict / Implications of Non-lethal Weapons
Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski JHU, SAIS Threats, Dangers, and Uncertainties
Dr. James Carafano, LTC, USA, ret  Heritage Foundation The Changing Nature of War
VADM Arthur K. Cebrowski, USN ret Dir, Office of Force Transformation Overview of Principles of War Seminar Series
MGen James M. Dubik, USA Director, Joint Experimentation Military View of Future Conflict
ADM Sir Ian Forbes, UK Royal Navy Dep Supreme Allied Commander, NATO Military View of Future Conflict
Dr. George Friedman Chairman, STRATFOR Intel And Knowledge (Actionable Knowledge)
Prof Colin S. Gray Author and political scientist What Do We Know About Future Warfare?
General James L. Jones Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Security, Stability & Reconstruction
General John Keane, USA Ret President GSI, LLC Current & Potential Operational Art
VADM Timothy J. Keating, Director, Joint Staff Rethinking the Principles of War Imperative
Dr. Williamson Murray Institute for Defense Analyses Implications of the Future Military Environment
Mr. Ralph Peters, LTC, rt Author Strategic Implications
Dr. Terry C. Pierce, CAPT, USN US Naval Postgraduate School Strategic Implications
Dr. Angel Rabasa RAND The Muslim World After 9/11 & the Iraq War
MGen Robert Scales, US Army ret Author Lessons from Two Iraq Wars
Dr. James Schneider School of Advanced Military Studies The Changing Nature of War
Dr. Harlan Ullman Vice President, CNA Corporation Defeating Global Terror in the 21st Century
Prof Martin van Creveld Author and educator Technology and Future War
Dr. Michael Vlahos Johns Hopkins University / APL Non-State Actors & Change in the Muslim World

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