2005-2006 Rethinking Seminar Series

In examining the Principles of War in the first Rethinking Seminar Series, it became apparent that the conduct of war and conflicts may likely be changing, but the nature and causes of war may not. These considerations lead to the need for a follow-on effort to Rethink the Future Nature of Competitions and Conflict and what these futures portend for the U.S. and her allies. This series of Seminars were videotaped and subsequently posted on the web.  Video, audio, bulletized notes and available presentation files remain available on this site as the 2005-2006 Archives below.

To examine the future nature of competitions and conflict the Seminars looked at issues such as: What are the future security issues facing the U.S. and her allies?

  • What and where are the potential threats?
  • When does it make sense to pursue and offensive or pre-emptive strategy versus a defensive strategy?
  • What are the elements of National and Coalition power, including non-military, and how should they evolve to meet future demands?
  • What are the current gaps in National/Coalition power, and how would they be best addressed?
  • How can the U.S. and her allies get out in front of problems and prevent them from escalating?
  • What constitutes victory or an acceptable end state in future conflicts?      

NOTE: The opinions expressed by the speakers listed below are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Speaker Archives

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September 26, 2006
Mr. Max Boot

August 15, 2006
Dr. Marc Sageman

August 1, 2006
LTC John Nagl

July 11, 2006
Mr. Frank Verrastro & Mr. Alan Hegburg

Book Cover Image of "A View From The Eye Of The Storm"

June 22, 2006
Mr. Haim Harari

May 24, 2006
Mr. Christopher Coker

May 1, 2006
Dr. Stephen Biddle

March 30, 2006
Dr. Robert Pape

March 8, 2006
Mr. Peter Schwartz

February 23, 2006
Mr. Amory Lovins

January 25, 2006
Mr. Nathanial Fick

December 19, 2005
Ms. Theresa Whelan

November 29, 2005
MGEN Victor Corpus
Phiippines Army

November 02, 2005
Dr. Thomas Barnett

Oct 13, 2005
Mr. Robert Kaplan
Introduction to Seminar Series byVADM John Morgan
  • Notes and Video not currently available
  • Audio (36 M)

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